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For years professional athletes have enjoyed the performance enhancing benefits of skilled sports massage therapists, and now you can too. Sports massage techniques were developed to meet the unique needs of athletes and are designed to help your body attain and maintain peak performance. Sports massages are targeted to injury prevention and to promote healing of the muscles and tendons.

Unlike a traditional swedish massage which targets a larger area, a Sports Massage is going to be very focused on a specific area. These specific areas will depend on what type of sport you play, the requirements of that sport, whether the massage is to help you get ready to perform, to help you heal afterwards, or to address a chronic injury. Soreness in the arms and shoulders from a weekend golf game will be addressed much differently than a sore elbow from an afternoon tennis match. Similarly sore legs from last week’s marathon will need to be treated differently than if you pushed yourself a little too hard on the squat machine.

Before they begin, your therapist will work with you to determine your pressure tolerance, as well as the nature of your sports massage. Once they know the type of sport you play, and the area you want to target, they will go to work loosening muscles,promoting healing, and increasing range of motion.

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